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Whole to Part Phonics

Myra Barrs , Helen Bromley , Henrietta Dombey , Sue Ellis , Clare Kelly , Margaret Moustafa

Pub Date: 11/6/1998
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: K - 2nd

Significant recent research in literacy learning casts serious doubt on the effectiveness of traditional phonics instruction. Researchers have discovered that traditional phonics, with its emphasis on letters, sounds, and words, ignores the complexity of children’s natural learning processes, including children’s inclination... more

Beyond Traditional Phonics

Margaret Moustafa

Pub Date: 9/9/1997 1
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: K - 2nd

This book is a must-read! Never before have I encountered such a readable and concise treatment of the reading process and research on the learning and teaching of phonics. . . . I plan to use this book with my preservice teachers and to recommend it to parents, as well as teachers, administrators, and other educators.—Constance... more