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Mobile Apps

Whether connecting printed materials with digital products or reading helpful tips from our expert authors, Heinemann's mobile apps help to improve your practice.

Fountas & Pinnell Apps

Prompting Guide Apps

The Prompting Guide App 1 & 2, available in English and Spanish, and the Genre Prompting Guide Apps for Fiction and Nonfiction are easy-access tools that you can use to enhance your teaching power in guided reading lessons; intervention lessons; shared reading; independent reading; reading and writing conferences; and dictated, independent, and interactive writing.

Reading Record Apps and In-App Content

Go paperless!

For even greater convenience, iPad® users can take paperless assessments with the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Record App for the Benchmark Assessment Systems 1 and 2 (BAS), Sistema de evaluación de la lectura (SEL), all seven Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) systems, and Fountas & Pinnell Classroom™ (FPC) . This is an efficient alternative to taking a Reading Record on paper. The Fountas & Pinnell Reading Record App and its corresponding app content accurately analyzes reading and accuracy rate, self-correction ratio, and fluency and comprehension scores to reveal students’ progress. Results sync wirelessly to the Online Data Management System (subscription required).


  • Automatically times the conference and calculates rates and ratios
  • Imports existing Online Data Management System classes or groups to the iPad Apps
  • Uploads completed student Reading Records to the Online Data Management System for long-term, secure data management
  • Saves the Reading Record as a PDF

First, download the "shell" app for free through the Apple iTunes store. Then you will have several options for purchasing the specific Fountas & Pinnell System content you need to take your students’ oral reading records digitally. There are two main options for maximum flexibility.

Two Purchasing Options Available
Individual iTunes® Purchase*App Content
(see important note below before purchasing)

For individuals using the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Record Apps, simply make an in-app purchase through Apple iTunes to purchase the content for your system’s books.

Each BAS App Content purchase contains the texts for that system's assessment books. Each LLI App Content purchase contains the texts for that system's assessment books. The Universal module provides all the same functionalities, but without specific texts from the BAS.

Institutional Purchase*App Content
(see important note below before purchasing)

For institutions using the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Record Apps, App Content licenses can be purchased through App Content purchased through the Institutional Purchase option is identical to App Content purchased through iTunes, but offers institutions the added flexibility to buy in volume and manage the App Content licenses for their teachers using a Licensing Management System (LMS). The Institution designates one or more System Managers to manage the LMS who can assign and revoke the App Content licenses for specific teachers as needed.

20% volume discount on purchases of 20 or more licenses per system (example: 20+ BAS 1 licenses, 20+ SEL licenses, etc.)

See Institutional Purchase section of our Apps page

*Important Note - Online Data Management System (ODMS) Subscriptions:
  • The Fountas & Pinnell LLI Reading Record App requires a subscription to the Online Data Management System
  • The Fountas & Pinnell BAS Reading Record App requires a subscription to the Online Data Management System for each teacher if the content is purchased through the Institutional option. For maximum efficiency a subscription is highly recommended for all teachers, even if the content was purchased from iTunes.

Apps for Teachers

Teacher Tip App

Bring Heinemann's expert teacher-authors into your classroom! The Heinemann Teacher Tip delivers ideas and inspiration from our authors directly to your device every school day. Sharpen your practice and share with colleagues for PD on the go.

The Heinemann Teacher Tip features:

  • Daily suggestions from leading practitioners you admire and trust
  • Quick, actionable teaching tips that support excellent instruction and are grounded in the progressive, child-centered instruction Heinemann is known for
  • Optional push notifications to let you know when a new tip is available
  • Access to 30 days of prior tips so you can revisit a recent favorite or catch up on one you missed
  • Sharing options that allow you to start or join PD conversations in your building or on social media.

Apps for Parents

On Track Apps

Parents of elementary school students have two basic questions: "How is my child doing as a reader or writer?" and "What can I do to help?"

It's a challenge to answer these questions and explain literacy development in content-packed back-to-school nights or during a thirty-minute parent-teacher conference. Is Your Child on Track? Reading Together to Support Comprehension and Fluency and On Track: Supporting Your Childs Writing Development at Home can help.

Adapted from Bonnie Campbell Hill's parent guide Supporting Your Child's Literacy Learning, this app will:

  • Help parents understand the path their children will take in developing as writers
  • Show parents how to support their child's growth and encourage their love of writing
  • Bolster parent support for their school's literacy program
  • Improve family-teacher communication