The Teacher Tip

Reflect on the Skills Your Students Need to Develop

September 14, 2017

Adapted from Innovative Educators by Gretchen Morgan


Ask yourself: What skills do students need to develop to be competent adults in 21st century society? Write down the skills that you hope your kids will experience as students in the contemporary world.


For example:

  • Ability to formulate, organize, and communicate your original ideas
  • Ability to manage your time
  • Ability to independently evaluate, learn, synthesize, and use new information
  • Willingness to speak up and promote your ideas and advocate for yourself
  • Desire to do your best combined with a desire to work both hard and smart


People learn behaviors and ways of thinking and being through persistent clarity of expectation, modeling, practice, and feedback. The result of this belief is that we redesign the most basic and core characteristics of how we do school so that we use our routines and expectations to foster in all our students a disposition of being proactive professionals who adapt, produce, organize, capitalize on connections, learn from failure, manage risks, communicate, promote ideas, and collaborate. In order to foster these behaviors in our students, we must first discover what our expectations for them are, and why we have these expectations.

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