The Teacher Tip

Try Shared Reading in Small Groups

July 7, 2017

Adapted from Teaching Reading in Small Groups by Jennifer Serravallo


Just as in whole-class shared reading lessons, when conducting shared reading in small groups we should gather the children around an enlarged copy of a text – a big book, a chart, or an overhead projection. It is important that children look at the same physical copy instead of having their own personal copy, as children are more likely to be attentive to the text and engaged with the instruction when all eyes are in the same place.


See these benefits of shared reading in small groups:

·       We can match the text level to the group (choosing a text that is above their independent level).

·       We can match the text challenges to the group.

·       We can preview the text and anticipate coaching opportunities.

·       We can more closely monitor and support engagement.

To learn more about Teaching Reading in Small Groups, and to download a sample chapter, click here.

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