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Genre Study + Companion Genre Quick Guide Bundle K-8

Irene Fountas, Lesley University, Gay Su Pinnell, The Ohio State University

SeriesThis product is part of the series: The Genre Suite (Fountas&Pinnell) Series

ISBN 978-0-325-04448-4 / 0-325-04448-1 / 2012 / Bundle
Imprint: Heinemann
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Grade Level: K - 8th
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Genre Study: Teaching with Fiction and Nonfiction Books is a comprehensive volume that focuses on genre study through inquiry-based learning with an emphasis on reading comprehension and the craft of writing. In exploring genre study, Fountas & Pinnell advocate a way of thinking and learning where students are actively engaged in the thinking process. They learn how to develop genre understandings and can apply their thinking to any genre.  In Genre Study, the authors concentrate on three major instructional contexts for reading and writing: Interactive Read-Aloud, Readers’ Workshop, and Writers’ Workshop, which facilitate a deeper conversation about the study of genre and its role in high-quality literacy programs.

The Genre Quick Guide is a spiral-bound companion to Genre Study: Teaching with Fiction and Nonfiction Books is designed to help you actively engage students in the exploration of texts so that they can notice and name genre characteristics, and construct working definitions that guide their thinking as readers and writers. This handy reference guide contains a master genre chart outlining the definition, key characteristics, and a list of mentor texts by genre. In this resource, Fountas & Pinnell, help you and your students lay the groundwork for a lifetime of literacy exploration and an understanding of fiction and nonfiction genres.

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