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Choosing a Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum

Lynn Goldsmith, Education Development Center, Inc, Ilene Kantrov, Education Development Center, Inc, June Mark, EDC, Inc.

ISBN 978-0-325-00163-0 / 0-325-00163-4 / 2000 / 184pp / Paperback
Imprint: Heinemann
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Grade Level: K - 12th
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If your district is preparing to review mathematics curricula for adoption, opportunity awaits you. The past decade has seen tremendous activity in mathematics education, resulting in the creation of several new curricula to promote deeper and richer mathematical learning. Choosing a Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum takes you through the process, addressing the many issues involved in curriculum selection and implementation, and helping you work through both of these phases.

A publication of the K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center at EDC, this authoritative guide focuses on the thirteen programs supported by the Center, though the ideas discussed are not specific to these programs. Its aim is to present a comprehensive view of how individual districts should go about adopting new mathematics curricula. The authors address a range of issues districts may confront, decisions committees will have to make, and strategies they may use, and describe many different procedures and processes that others have found useful.

For the selection phase, the book explores how to assemble a selection committee, assess resources and needs, and create guidelines and criteria for evaluating different programs. The curriculum implementation section focuses on ways to work toward successful use of materials by planning a realistic and effective roll-out strategy, supporting teachers, and building community buy-in and assistance. Along the way, lots of different resources are provided, including stories and examples from practitioners, suggestions for further support, and sample selection criteria from school districts and other educational organizations.

Anyone responsible for the curriculum review and selection process within a district will find Choosing a Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum essential reading, especially assistant superintendents, curriculum coordinators, mathematics supervisors, lead teachers, and department heads.

I. Background
1. What Is a Standards-Based Curriculum?
2. Getting Started: The "Big Ideas" of the Selection and Implementation Process
II. The Curriculum Selection Process
3. Creating a Selection Committee
4. Taking Stock: Assessing Current Resources and Future Needs
5. Planning for Cross-Grades Transitions
6. Developing and Applying Selection Criteria
7. Cost Considerations
8. Piloting
III. Curriculum Implementation
9. Teacher Support
10. Community Support
11. Implementation Rollout
12. Collecting Data About Implementation

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