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Sharing Your Good Ideas

A Workshop Facilitator's Handbook

Peggy A Sharp, Portland State University

ISBN 978-0-435-08783-8 / 0-435-08783-5 / 1993 / 192pp / Paperback
Imprint: Heinemann
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Grade Level: K - 12th
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More and more teachers are facilitating workshops and planning presentations for their colleagues. Not only are school districts calling upon teachers to provide valuable ideas for staff development, but teachers themselves are becoming more active in sharing and working with others.

Sharing Your Good Ideas describes presentation and workshop ideas and strategies designed to help today's educators organize and conduct effective presentations for other teaching adults. It is written for those with little or no experience in workshop facilitation, but even the most experienced presenter will find the ideas valuable. Full of common sense advice and strategies that are practical, useful, and effective, the book provides teachers with presentation guidelines and materials based upon adult education and learning principles.

There are few materials written specifically to guide practicing teachers who are interested in conducting workshops. And the materials that are available do not consider the many skills teachers already possess. Sharing Your Good Ideas is intended to fill this gap.

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