Literacy/Language Arts--elementary grades         
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Units of Study for Teaching Reading: Middle School Grades, Introductory Bundle
Katie Clements, Mary Ehrenworth, Lucy Calkins
Grade Level: 6th - 8th

List Price: $118.75
Web/School: $95.00

Up the Ladder: Accessing Grades 3–6 Writing Units of Study
Alicia Luick, Mike Ochs, Lucy Calkins, Hareem A Khan, Celena Dangler Larkey, Kelly Boland Hohne, Shana Frazin
Grade Level: 3rd - 6th

List Price: $118.75
Web/School: $95.00

The Curious Classroom (eBook): 10 Structures for Teaching with Student-Directed Inquiry
Harvey "Smokey" Daniels
Grade Level: K - 6th

List Price: $32.50
Web/School: $22.75