A Note From Charles SchusterA Note from Charles Schuster

As teachers of writing, we know that scholarship matters. Granted, the pressure of tenure and promotion may spur us to spend long hours in the library stacks, but the primary reason we read and write is because of our passion—for understanding our discipline, for transforming the composition classroom, for improving the thinking and writing of our students. Perhaps there is a touch of the messianic in anyone driven enough to go into composition studies.
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That passion to make a difference is a good part of what compelled me thirty-five years ago to enter this field. Once I did, my thinking was transformed by the ideas of Mina Shaughnessy, James Britton, Janet Emig, James Kinneavy, Don Murray, Ken Macrorie, Ed Corbett, William Irmscher, Maxine Hairston, Anne Berthoff, Ken Bruffee, Richard Ohmann—the list could be extended indefinitely. Not surprisingly, many of the most heavily dog-eared books on my shelf had the same imprint: Boynton/Cook. It was—and is—the publisher I most value because Boynton/Cook books celebrate compositionists as sophisticated practitioners of their craft.

We at Heinemann-Boynton/Cook are aware of this rich legacy and strive to maintain it. As you browse through this web site, you will find iconic and inspiring books. Like our older titles, our newest feature passionate scholars authoring books that fuse research and pedagogy, that teach, trouble, and transform us. Whether you are a devoted Boynton/Cook reader or a first-timer—welcome, enjoy, and I hope we'll hear from you soon concerning your own ideas and contributions.

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