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Introducing The Writing Strategies Book Study Guide

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Jennifer Serravallo has created a helpful guide for The Writing Strategies Book for book study groups or individual practitioners. As an educational consultant, Jen is in classrooms all the time, and this study guide reflects the questions and concerns teachers have brought to her about how to use strategies within an instructional framework for writing and especially how to match them to instructional goals and methods. The study guide contains over 25 pages of resources, ideas for conversations, activities, and practices that will strengthen your strategic writing instruction, raise the quality and engagement levels of your student writers, and strengthen collaboration with your colleagues.

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Language Study: Answering the Call to Action in the Classroom


Written by: Jen McCreight based on a section from her book Celebrating Diversity through Language Study.

In today’s climate, many of our students’ families are feeling anxious. Anxious about whether they are welcome in the United States. Anxious about escalating disagreements and protests surrounding immigrants from countries near and far. Anxious that loved ones may be deported. Regardless of our own political beliefs, as teachers, we are called to empathize with, support, and love our students. We are called to respond to their social and emotional challenges as much as their academic ones. I am reminded of this each day that I open the newspaper or read about current events online, and over and over, the following story pops into my head, as clearly as if I had experienced it yesterday.

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When you think of Facebook, what’s the first image to pop into your mind? Chances are you think of baby pictures, announcements from friends and family, and what your mom had for breakfast.

But, did you know there are number of pages and groups on Facebook dedicated to education? Whether rooted in a book, subject, or shared interest, Facebook provides many opportunities to connect and grow as an educator.

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PLC Series: Building Community by Focusing on the Whole Child

PD PLC_Email_Banner_640x220_White_FIN.jpgWelcome back to the Heinemann PD Professional Learning Community Series! This month we celebrate new beginnings for teachers and learners across the country.

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A principal and proud graduate of Baltimore Public Schools, Katrina Foster knows the labels and limitations that direct attention to the adversity in a community. Drawing a beautiful parallel between her work and the Tupac Shakur poem, “The Rose That Grew From Concrete,” she describes the work her school staff does, which puts conversations, support, and the human story at the center of what they do.  

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Kylene Beers: When Kids Can’t Read – Facebook Live


On Tuesday, August 9th, author Kylene Beers hosted a Facebook Live Q&A on her book When Kids Can't Read. In the book, Kylene offers teachers the comprehensive handbook they've needed to help readers improve their skills. During the Facebook Live event, Kylene talked about how the book connects to Signposts (from Notice and Note and Reading Nonfiction). She talked about how her views on comprehension have changed over the years, her thoughts on audiobooks, spelling and vocabulary worksheets and so much more.

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2nd Annual Pacific Coast Literacy Institute

Away from distractions in Santa Rosa, California, teachers from around the country are gathered to investigate literacy instruction, exploring ways to create independent learners, and responsible readers and writers. Led by Kylene Beers and Bob Probst and joined by distinguished core faculty Linda Rief, Penny Kittle, and Chris Crutcher, participants have the opportunity to learn about engagement, comprehension, vocabulary, as well as acquire a wide variety of titles to include in classroom libraries. This is the Second Annual Pacific Coast Literacy Institute, hosted by Heinemann Professional Development. You can follow the learning, questions, and resources shared right here in the Heinemann blog – check out the Storify below!

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