New Resources to Support and Extend Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study

Now that the Units of Study for Teaching Reading and Writing have become essential parts of daily life in tens of thousands of classrooms around the world, Lucy Calkins and her coauthors have begun identifying ways they can be even more helpful to teachers and students. Based on all they’ve learned working with teachers implementing Units in their classrooms, Lucy and her colleagues are hard at work on a number of important resources to support and extend the Units of Study.

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What’s Coming:

Classroom Libraries – Ideal for Units of Study for Teaching Reading; Great for All Classrooms

  • Lucy is leading a team of experts to develop state-of-the art classroom libraries. Two libraries are planned for each grade level—one on-grade-level and one below-grade-level.
  • Each grade-level library will include lots of high-interest books—as many as 600 per library.
  • A set of supporting resources will help teachers use and organize their libraries.

New and Adapted Units of Study

Lucy and her TCRWP coauthors are developing Add-On Units to address specific, common “If. . . Then. . .” scenarios. Titles currently in development:

  • Word Detectives unit for first grade reading
  • Literary Essay unit for fifth grade writing
  • Mystery unit for third grade reading
  • Information Writing unit for second grade writing

In addition, Lucy’s team is preparing detailed guidelines for adapting social studies units to focus on other content (e.g. adapting gr. 5 Westward Expansion unit to focus on Immigration.)

Support for ELs

  • Spanish translations of selected components for both reading and writing units are in the works, including student self-assessments and classroom materials such as anchor charts and other charts, teacher writing exemplars, and more.
  • Lucy’s team is also developing a list of Spanish-language mentor text suggestions.

Writing Anchor Chart Post-Its

  • New Anchor Chart Post-It Notes for the Units of Study for Teaching Opinion/Argument, Information, and Narrative Writing are currently in development.


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15 thoughts on “New Resources to Support and Extend Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study

  1. Kim Jones

    Would you please give me the serial number for the Units of Study Reading and Writing Post-Its for first grade?  I am trying to put it on my budget to order more for next year but cannot find them.  Thanks for your help!!

  2. Cynthia

    I, too, am looking to order replacement Sticky Notes for Reading and Writing as part of my budget!  I can't find it on the website.

    I appreciate any help you can offer.

  3. anita perea

    Our school district has purchased units of study for teaching writing and we are a heavily bilingual district.  Any additional Spanish resources to the series would be fantastic for our students and teachers

  4. Cait

    I am also looking for information on purchasing the post it notes for reading and writing anchor charts. Can these be purchased separately from the sets? Thanks!

  5. Caroline

    I am looking to purchase the writing anchor chart post-its as well, for the grade 1 writer's workshop unit. How can I go about purchasing these (separately from the units of study kit)?

  6. Kathy

    Please let me know ASAP if new post its for anchor charts for reading grade 2  available for purchase.


  7. Nicole Cummings

    Our school is about to begin the Reading units of study K-2 and we are looking for a list of suggested mentor text in Spanish. Thanks 

  8. Emma Eckert

    I purchased the writing units of study two years ago. I would love to purchase the post its for the first grade unit. Where can I find them?



  9. Lisa Bingen

    Information on how to purchase replacement Anchor Chart Sticky Notes can be found in your Online Resources. For writing users with units that are more than a year and a half old, you need to ask your school administrator to contact me with details to help me verify your purchase and then we can retroactively give you access to the Online Resources. My email:


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